has provided this page as an introduction to bitcoin cash, how it works and the benefits of using bitcoin cash instead of bitcoin.

The original version of bitcoin was started in 2009 when Satoshi Nakomoto introduced the idea of creating a peer to peer electronic cash system. Since its inception bitcoin has been a hot topic and major source of both controversy and speculation among investors.

In August of 2017, the bitcoin network had a "hard fork" which is basically a split and a newer form of bitcoin was created. This newer version is referred to as bitcoin cash.

One of the biggest reasons why bitcoin cash is becoming a major rival to the original version of bitcoin is because with bitcoin cash, transaction fees are only a fraction of what they are with bitcoin itself. In Satoshi's initial proposal for an electronic cash system, low transaction fees were one of the main points of the system. However over time the bitcoin blockchain has become backlogged with transactions and the cost of transactions has risen sharply. With bitcoin cash, transaction fees have remained consistently low and this is making it more appealing to both cyrptocurrency users and investors.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has become so popular that many online casinos have started accepting BCH as an alternative deposit option. provides a list of bitcoin cash casinos for anyone looking to find reputable casinos to bet with bitcoin cash. You can find detailed reviews on our website homepage. We have also provided you with some links to popular bitcoin casinos in the list below.

Slots LV is a popular online slots casino that accepts both bitcoin cash and bitcoin deposits as well as other payment options like credit cards and e-wallet transfers.  Slots LV Casino offers up to $2,000 in bitcoin cash welcome bonus money.

Bovada Casino is a hugely popular online casino for betting on casino games with bitcoins. Bovada has over 300 games from Realtime Gaming, Net Entertainment and other major casino software providers. New players will receive three 150% Bonus up to $1,500 each.

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